Snacks on the Go: Kalahari Biltong

So I tried a new on the go snack today and it may be a new go to. Lightweight, compact, and it tastes good too. Now I admit I have no idea what Peri-Peri is or what it is supposed to taste like but I did not find the Spicy Peri-Peri to be spicy at all. In fact I did not taste much difference between the Peri-Peri and Original flavors. I like them both, but they tasted about the same. The Garlic flavor did in fact have a distinct garlic flavor, not overpowering or too strong, but present and sufficient to keep any nearby undead at bay. 

So how is this different from jerky? First and foremost the texture. If you’ve had much jerky in your life you’ve probably worn out your jaw muscles chewing. Kalhari Biltong (keep in my this is the only biltong I have tried so far) is softer than jerky, kind of like when you first bite into a stick of gum. Also this biltong seemed to pick up moisture faster than jerky once the package is opened. It is best eaten within the same day the package is opened, especially if you are in a moist environment. 

The tagline, “You’ll never go back to jerky”, is perhaps a bit strong. It’s good, but I am not a 100% convert. I will definitely add biltong to my camping/hiking go to protien sources, but I will also be back for some jerky. 



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