Breaking Wind or “Am I Going to Die Today?”

The importance of wind speed and direction cannot be understated. Understanding how much wind to expect and which direction the wind is blowing changes where you fish, how you fish, or even if you fish. Especially for those of us on the coast, and especially for those of us bobbing around in plastic boats.

Wind whipped waves on a turbulent Lake Michigan.

Fortunately for us humans alive right now, we live in the information age. Here’s some information that is relevant to you if you want to try and rip a lip today:

Windfinder – Wind and wave conditions and forecasts that include specific locations, including harbors and offshore buoys.

Ventusky – This one is a bit prettier than windfinder, and it has historical data too. Also has wind/temperature maps but not wave data.

Tides4Fishing – One stop shop for conditions and forecasts at a particular location. Has tide predictions, solunar forecasts, weather conditions, etc. Not a map based site, but once I have settled on a location I check this site to see how things are going to be.

For my own convenience I have these links pointed to the Charleston, SC area. I recommend you find your home or favorite body of water and save that link somewhere convenient for you.