Sullivan’s Island Vicinity Launches and Trips

I gave some thought to some good spots for a kayak trip around the Sullivan’s Island / IOP area. I would recommend avoiding launching from IOP marina, as powerboat traffic in that area is heavy and could create unsafe conditions based on boater experience and temperament. Here is a map of my suggested launch spots, as well as one for one of my favorite trips, Gadsenville Boat Launch to Capers Island:

The key with all of these trips is to work with the tides. Here’s what we are looking at for the next couple of days:

For an afternoon trip, I would recommend being on the water (in your boat and paddling) by no later noon on Wednesday, 12:30pm Thursday, or 1:30pm Friday. The launches above are on tidal creeks and will not have enough water to paddle through as low tide approaches. The launches will be approachable again 2-3 hours after low tide each day.

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