Flatwater Paddles in the Blue Ridge Mtns,

Includes an interesting 3 day paddle/camp plan for Lake Jocassee. I can taste those sweet delicious trout!


Yeah, so Jocasee is fed by a bunch of WATERFALLS. You can’t gird your loins against the unbridled majesty.

Skunk-B-Gon @ Lake McIntosh

After previous attempts at McIntosh Lake in Peachtree City yielded no fish, I was finally able to bring up a bass. This fish was caught on a wacky rigged 5″ Zoom worm, Watermelon Seed color. Caught near a mat of leaves and debris that had formed near the entrance to Shoal Creek, depth there was about 5-6′.  The fish pictured is a Largemouth Bass, 18″ long and weighed 3.7 lbs.