Santee River Paddle

I’m seeing a couple possibilities here for a overnight paddle and camp trip. The first one is just heading straight down the main body of the Santee river starting at Jamestown, SC.

Day 1: Echaw Creek-McConnell’s Landing

Day 2: McConnell’s Landing – Wambaw Creek (via Chicken Creek)

According to the available info both segments are about 4-5 hours paddling time. That will leave us time to stop and fish along the way and not be in a rush to get to the landing. Also, the entire southern bank is national forest land. Several more landing spots not on the map are available for camping/stopping.

Map link

Jamestown-Santee river:


The other possibility is starting in a tributary to the river, but ending up in the same place.

Wambaw Creek:


Echaw Creek:

Chicken Creek:

Flatwater Paddles in the Blue Ridge Mtns,

Includes an interesting 3 day paddle/camp plan for Lake Jocassee. I can taste those sweet delicious trout!

Yeah, so Jocasee is fed by a bunch of WATERFALLS. You can’t gird your loins against the unbridled majesty.