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probably a good place to pose questions on cumberland, etc.

REVISION: actually they put everything behind a registration wall, so i registered, joined, whatever. unlocked SOME stuff but not what i was really interested in. not gonna pay to become a member of some dinky forum with 600 members barely active just to read reports.

RE-REVISION: it might be that my registration is still pending approval

GA DNR’s New App for Licenses, Boat Ramps, Tides, and more!

I recently downloaded and installed the GA DNR Wildlife Resources Division’s new app, Outdoors GA, and I like where they are headed with this. One of its most useful features is the ability to keep a copy of your licenses on your phone. If your license printout is lost or otherwise disintegrates you’ll still be able to present your license as long as you have your phone. Since your license data is stored on your phone’s local memory it will even work when your cellular data network is unavailable. Equally as useful is the ability to purchase or renew licenses from within the app. Of course that part requires an available data network, so you probably want to take care of that before getting out in the sticks.

Also included are tide charts, water conditions , solar and lunar times, and wildlife feeding times specific to Georgia. There is also a map of DNR boatramps, but the map appears to be a work in progress. I found it strange that the boat ramps at Georgia’s State Parks (managed by another division of the GA DNR) are absent.

The app is free on both Google Play and the Apple Store and has no ads. Check it out here at the GA DNR Wildlife Resources Division’s website.