Weather Info

back track to root websites for info other than Cumberland area

windfinder- pretty decent forecast

knots to mph conversion

iwindsurf: click features on the map for good easy-reading colorful info charts,-80.97,9,1,!1883,2

fishweather. scroll down past the graphs to the text descriptions of conditions, further for the wind archives and monthly windy days stats

in-depth tide forcast



List of questions/concerns to ask local outfitters

add any as you think of them

  1. tide/current north/south question
  2. productive lures, fishing tips, what bait’s avail., where to find bait
  3. hot spots on marsh/sound
  4. what’s biting/what time of day
  5. areas not worth bothering
  6. tackle tips
  7. seasonal regs
  8. licenses/seasons for shellfish/crabs?