Back to Freshwater at Lake Hartwell

Last weekend I took a break from the salt and sun of the South Carolina low country and went to Lake Hartwell with a couple friends. The house where we stayed was situated close to a creek mouth on the northern end of the lake. A cute lake cabin with a steep driveway and everything one would expect to check all the lake cabin boxes.

We fished from the dock using minnows under a bobber. I must admit we weren’t really out there trying to slay the fishing game, as we had some floats in the water tied off to the dock for when the heat got to be a bit much. The bite was steady before noon, with one keeper sized bass and several smaller siblings stopping by for a bite. The fish (and the fishermen) took the afternoon off, with only a couple dinky bass to show for the lunch shift. They lived to dink another day.


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