One thought on “Etowah River And The Long Dark Tunnel

  1. i’ve seen this tunnel on video before, and my friend james went through it with his brother.
    i will not be doing this at this time.
    A) narrow spot is too low for tall guy on a SOT. james and bro were in sit-ins and said they could touch the ceiling. maaaybe some intrepid fool will tell you it’s all good, but shit….
    B) 3-4′ drop in pitch blackness. with a yak full of gear. no.
    C) 3′ drop on the way out, through a narrow opening (little wider than our SOT’s) lined by the jagged stoney teeth of a fossilized hellbeast. imagine hitting the drop, slow water turning your boat, going over, current sends you into the teeth, and your boat behind you to emphasize the point.


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